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Heat Pump & Fireplace Repair Services for the Crofton, MD, Area


Commercial & Residential Heating
During the cooler months you will need to rely on a furnace or heat pump to warm your home or work environment. With today rising energy costs an efficient heating system is essential to keeping your costs under control Whether you need a central heating system that incorporates ventilation and cooling or a stand alone heating unit, we at A-One can help with that. Maintaining your heating system is also our specialty.
Gas Furnace -vs- Heat Pumps
There are a lot of factors that go into making this decision. Fuel costs vs. electricity costs play a big role as well as the area to be heated. When selecting your heating system the experts at A-One can help you make the best decision.
Heat Pumps
Heat pumps can be the utmost in efficiency for a heating unit. They are essentially an air conditioning unit working in reverse exchanging the cool air from inside and replacing it with warmer air from outside. In the summer they reverse the flow and become your AC unit for cooling. During the coolest times of the year a heat pump alone may not be sufficient for your heating needs. A dual system that includes another heat sources, such as a furnace, may be needed. The heat pump can work well during milder weather with the furnace blasting the heat when it's really needed.
Gas Furnace
Today gas furnaces are highly efficient at producing heat. The Federal government requires that all new furnaces have a minimum efficiency level of 78% AFUE.
Air Handlers
An air handler is the indoor portion to a central heating and cooling system. It does the job of circulating the warm and cool air around your home. Your air handler must be properly matched to your heat pump and the size of the area being heated and cooled in order to maximize the efficiency of the total system.
Gas Fireplace
A new fireplace can improve your heating efficiency, and add warmth and charm to your home, without disrupting your floor plan, raising your roof, or running miles of flue pipe. Installing a gas fireplace is a great way to increase your heating efficiency and enhance your décor without ruining your remodeling plans. Most gas fireplaces are paired with automatic controls that make enjoying a dancing flame as easy as a flick of the switch. Handheld remotes allow homeowners to control the heat. Some even offer automatic shutoffs. One key feature is the electricity-free ignition offered by some manufacturers. With this homeowners need never worry about heat in times of power outages. More than a selling feature, electricity-free ignition ensures heat throughout the winter season, no matter what storms or winds may blow.